Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pakistan will become battle ground of Al Qaeda & Hamas – Faisal Muhammed

February 20 - 2014

Pakistan News : London (UNN) An EU based “International Mediator” Faisal Muhammad described that Pakistan is the victim of International Turmoil, proxy war is going on, different countries are playing their dirty games in the Country.

Faisal Muhammad who has also, an status of former central leader of PML said it is an recognized fact that Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have been fully determined and signed the agreement they will weaken the prominent national organization for the strengthen of corrupt politician by the name of democracy, that’s way present regime put Pervaiz Musharraf in trial. Faisal repeatedly pointed out that Pakistan will become battle ground of Al Qaeda & Hamas efforts are going on to make Pakistan as the Lebanon’s type of democracy where minorities shall try to lead the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He categorically emphasized, this is the year 2014 when imperial powers wants to take the international disturbance to the peak in Pakistan due to achieve its targets and present Nawaz regime providing all soft corners for same. Answering about Negotiations with Taliban he said as a negotiator i think negotiating with terrorists will not resolve the conflict, on the contrary, it will incite more terrorism. The main argument used to reject negotiations with terrorists is that such an action would legitimize the terrorists and terrorism more broadly.Legitimacy is seen as the biggest obstacle against negotiating with terrorists. Faisal Muhammed who played a role in Lal Masjid mediation said after the joining of Mulana Abdul Aziz from Lal Masjid in this scenario the issue was Al Qaeda high jack by Al Qaeda.

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  1. i am fully agree with Faisal Muhammed if Government take essay or waist time in negotiation

  2. Its look like because Iran already threaten Pakistan Faisal Muhammad's statement is alarming

  3. One year before an EU based Diplomatic Mediator Faisal Muhammed warned " THAT PAKISTAN WILL BECOME BETEL GROUND OF PROXY WAR" but Pakistan Authorities did not show any seriousness on this statement and now what is happening in Pakistan ?